Up to 10 Different Meat Cuts Together in One Box

Order in Bulk and SAVE MONEY!

Organize your weekly meals around the different meats in each pack.

Here's a chance to enjoy a rich variety of these Evergreen Market's quality meats you've come to enjoy are

now available in bulk assortment pack, cut, wrapped and ready for your freezer:

Value Pack

10 Lbs. Ground Beef
3 Lbs. Rolled Roast
2 Lbs. Round Steak
4 Lbs. Pork Chops
3 Lbs. Bulk Sausage
4 Lbs. Chicken


Working Man

10 Lbs. Ground Beef
3 Lbs. Top Sirloin Steak
5 Lbs. BBQ Steaks
8 Lbs. Chicken
4 Lbs. Tri-Tip Roast
4 Lbs. Country Style Pork
3 Lbs. Rib Steaks
5 Lbs. Sliced Bacon



10 Lbs. Ground Beef
4 Lbs. Rolled Roast
5 Lbs. Bulk Sausage
5 Lbs. Pork Chops
5 Lbs. Pork Steak
5 Lbs. Country Style Pork
8 Lbs. Chicken
5 Lbs. Top Sirloin Steak
12 Lbs. Chuck Roast
5 Lbs. Round Steak


Surf a Turf

3 Lbs. Top Sirloin
2 Lbs. 41-50 Prawns
2 Lbs. Calamari
3 Lbs. Super Lean
Ground Beef
2 Lbs. Imitation
Crab Meat
2 Lbs. Basa Fillets


Boss Hog

5 Lbs. Tennessee Blue Grass Sausage
3 Lbs. Boneless Maple River Ham
5 Lbs. Bone-in Pork Shoulder Roast
5 Lbs. Bone-in Center Cut Pork Chops
3 Lbs. #1 Bacon
5 Lbs. Boneless Country Style Ribs
3 Lbs. Pork Cutlets


Early Bird

5 Lbs. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
12 Lbs. Grade ¬ďA" Turkey
10 Lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters
3 Lbs. Ground Chicken
1 Lbs. Turkey Sausage
8 Lbs. Whole Chicken


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